How do we use this resource?

  1. Select a topic. Choose a topic that interests you and/or your keiki.
  2. Select an activity. The kaikaina (younger sibling) options are designed for our younger learners and the kuaʻana (older sibling) options are designed for our older learners.

Do we have to turn something in?

No, this is optional. Papa Hoakalei is a resource provided to our KS ‘ohana to encourage ʻohana engagement and to continue learning over the summer. The activities are designed to be fun and engaging. If you find yourself stressed out about it, revise the activity to fit your ‘ohanaʻs schedule or select another activity. Haumāna can complete a reflection after finishing their project.

Can my other keiki get involved?

YES! ‘Ohana participation is encouraged. If you live with kūpuna, get them involved too!

How long should each activity take?

That is up to you! If your child shows great interest in a particular project, he/she can continue to extend the project. Curiosity and innovation is encouraged!

What if my keiki does not have online access?

There is a variety of both online and offline activities.

Do we have to do every activity?

No. You and your keiki can choose an activity that interests you. If you have multiple children, perhaps you might select a topic as a family and encourage your older keiki to help the younger ones.

My child is in the second grade, can he do the kuaʻana activities?

Yes, of course! For families with multiple children, you might select a kuaʻana activity and have your keiki work together!

Can we see what other families are doing?

We are encouraging ʻohana to post their projects to social media using the hashtag #papahoakalei.

What if I don’t have time as a parent to do some of these activities?

For those parents working from home and need independent activities for their keiki, check out the online resources page.

Do the online resources require a fee or log-in?

These are free resources that do not require a fee. Some resources may ask you to sign up using an email address.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

You can reach us at papahoakalei@ksbe.edu or (808) 842-8151.