In-House Publications

The section provides various published works created by our kūpuna, kumu and haumāna affiliated with Kūlia i ka Nu‘u for use either in the classroom or for personal reading and growth in ‘ōlelo and loina Hawai‘i.

KS Online Resources

Here, you will find links to available on-line KS resources and teaching/learning aids.

“Mauna Kea is the ancestor above…” According to the ancients, our elders are precious links to the past. Hawaiians have always respected and honored the ancestors and their body of knowledge and understanding. In ancient Hawaiian society, it was commonplace for the first born child of a generation to be given in hānai to their grandparents to be raised. This would ensure that all of the traditional knowledge that they possessed would be passed down from generation to generation. The kūpuna were the keepers of vast and articulated knowledge in all areas of life. Mauna Kea is used here as a metaphor of that kūpuna.

Mauna o Wākea, as it was perhaps known in ancient times, is the domain of Wākea, the father of the islands and ancestor to all Hawaiian people. As a kūpuna to us all, Mauna o Wākea housed learning centers for both navigation and canoe-building. Its forests and valleys provided all of the necessities of life for our ancestors.