Poi Smoothies




Assemble and mix these ingredients according to taste. The fun of this recipe is that there are no fixed amounts. You choose which ingredients and how much of each ingredient to add. This is a good classroom activity.

Crushed ice of small ice cubes
Frozen berries / strawberries or other mixed fruit
Cut fruit – bananas, melons, apples, pears, mangoes
Peanut butter (organic, non-hydrogenated is best)
Lowfat / skim milk or soymilk (try vanilla or chocolate)


Fill blender in the following order then blend ingredients till mixed thoroughly. (Do not put poi or peanut butter in first. It will strain the blender motor.)

1. Ice

2. Fruit

3. Honey

4. Poi

5. Peanut Butter

6. Fill with milk or soy milk – just enough to cover ingredients.