Boki and Liliha

Hawai‘i State Archives

Boki and Liliha
ca. 1824
Lithograph. Artist: J. Hayter


High Chief Boki and his wife High Chiefess Liliha were among the ali‘i who accompanied King Kamehameha II and Queen Kamehamalu to England in 1824.

Due to the sudden death of Kamehameha II from the measles, it was Boki who lead the Hawaiian delegation to meet with King George IV and receive the King’s assurances of British protection for Hawai‘i from foreign intrusion.

While in London, Boki and Liliha also posed for the artist John Hayter. In contrast to Kamehameha II and Kamehamalu, who had dressed in European clothing for their portraits, Boki and Liliha dressed in native clothing, proudly wearing the insignia of their chiefly rank.