Palapala Mare

Hawai‘i State Archives


Sample of Palapala Mare

Marriages from the register of Rev. O.H. Gulick. H-29. (Click on picture to enlarge.)


Marriage records in the State Archives date from 1826-1929, but the records are incomplete and do not account for all marriages from those years.

The records are composed of register books of agents who performed marriages or from church ministers; and marriage licenses.

Register books only recorded the names of the husband and wife, their place of residence and their date of marriage. No other family information was recorded.

Indexes to the marriage records are available and are alphabetical by the last name of either the husband or wife. The index will also cite the date and the register book and page where the marriage was recorded.

If you are unable to visit the Archives to access the indexes, please email us with the names of the husband and wife and their Island of residence. We will conduct a search of the indexes and inform you whether the Archives has a copy of the marriage record or not.