About Ka‘iwakīloumoku

The Ka‘iwakīloumoku Hawaiian Cultural Center consists of two major components: 1)  the Hawaiian Cultural Center facility, and 2) the Hawaiian Cultural Center programs. While efforts have been underway to garner support for the construction of the Center, there have also been concurrent efforts to help develop the cultural character of our people and the campus environment via program offerings.

•    Hawaiian Cultural Events Series – Monthly public cultural presentations
•    Nā Momi Ho‘oheno Oral History Series – Short videos of elders and practitioners
•    Keanakamanō - Native Hawaiian Garden near KS Kapālama Front Gate
•    ‘Aha Mana Maoli – Visits by Pacific Speakers & Presenters
•    Hui Ho‘ohawai‘i Retreat – Consortium of KS Cultural Movers & Shakers
•    Ka‘iwakīloumoku Web Site – Newly-developed virtual archive

Ka‘iwakīloumoku is dedicated to providing opportunities to learn Hawaiian knowledge – ‘ike Hawai‘i – and to live and practice Hawaiian culture as a vibrant way of life – nohona Hawai‘i.  These efforts are guided by statements that articulate a vision for the Native Hawaiian people, a “Lāhui Vision” – He Nu‘ukia Lāhui Hawai‘i.  In this light, we continually strive to affirm our mission to ensure a vibrant Hawaiian society – e kū ke ola i ka moku – in the 21st century and beyond.

‘Ike Hawai‘i and Nohona Hawai‘i

Lāhui Vision

Through prayer, discussion and research, the name Ka‘iwakīloumoku made itself known to members of the Planning Committee in 2004. Respected Hawaiian scholar and committee member Kīhei deSilva provided the following research regarding the origins and significance of the name.

About Our Name