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Na Kahale Aliʻi Keanaʻāina (c)


Na Kahale Aliʻi Keanaʻāina © 09/10/08

Born and still residing in Kalaoa, Kona, Kahale Aliʻi Keanaʻāina attended Kealakehe high school. He shares, “My main goal is to raise awareness of the haku mele and urge our people to perpetuate this unique way of honoring our cultural values through language. It is a valuable practice to know our traditional wahi pana rather than the new names given to the spaces that we frequent today.”


I ka nani o Kalaoa, poina ʻole

Ke anuanu hoʻi me ke kēhau

ʻĀlohilohi nei hulali ʻana o ka mauʻu

He uʻi lani ke ‘ike aku

Hoʻopulu ʻana o ka pua nei la, pua melia

E ‘ako mai nei, kui wau ka lei

Haʻina ʻia mai ke aloha o ka ʻāina, o Kalaoa nei

Ke anuanu hoʻi me ke kēhau

In the beauty of Kalaoa, unforgettable

The returning chill among the morning dew

Sparkle, glittering of the grass

A beauty seen here and there

Dampening comes to the flowers, plumeria flower

Pluck and sew a lei

Tell the story of love for this land of Kalaoa

The returning chill among the morning dew

Hakumele note: Kalaoa is my home on the hillside of Hualalai Mountain where I am greeted every morning by the crisp cool air and the shimmering dew upon the grass. This song is about a few of things that I love about my home.

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