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“April 30th application deadline has passed. Applications received after the deadline may be placed on a waitlist and filled if/as space becomes available.”

Transportation Bus Service Guidelines


The application period for School Year 2018 – 2019 for:

Returning Students: Open from April 9, 2018 - April 30, 2018. You may still apply via this website; however, your child may be waitlisted based on seating availability and assessed a late fee.

New Invitee’s:

o Grades 6 thru 9: Open on April 14, 2018, New Invitee Orientation

o Grades K and 4: Open on May 12, 2018, New Invitee Orientation

o Are encouraged to submit their bus application on the day of their orientation as bus seats are limited. Your child may be waitlisted based on seat availability.

If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Department at (808) 982-0026 or 982-0701.

Kamehameha Schools Hawai'i provides daily bus transportation to students to and from locations in Hilo, Waimea, Kaʻ and Pahoa. The application for bus service for School Year 2018-2019 is available online, through the Transportation website http://kshtransportation.weebly.com. Available routes are listed under the Transportation Tab and the online bus application. The Transportation Office receives and processes all applications submitted within the application period. The Transportation Manager or designee shall establish criteria for awarding transportation services which includes taking various factors into consideration. Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications received after the deadline date may be placed on a waitlist and filled if/as space becomes available. There is a NON-REFUNDABLE ANNUAL SERVICE FEE for bus service. Effective School Year 2018-2019, the annual service fee for round-trip service is $1,440.00 and one-way service is $720.00. A late fee of $100.00 may be charged for applications submitted after the April 30th deadline.

School Bus Transportation Policies

 On KS Campuses, the Transportation Department is responsible for implementing bus transportation, in consultation and coordination with the Principal or applicable school administrator(s). All requests for service or change of service should be addressed to the Transportation Department.

●All selected students will be issued bus passes for the applicable school year. Students must scan or show their bus pass to the bus driver when boarding and surrender their pass upon request of the driver. Passes are non-transferable, unless authorized by a school official. KS charges a fee to replace lost, damaged or stolen passes.



●If an infraction is observed, the driver shall submit a Student Notice of Concern form to the school's Transportation Manager or designee who will refer the matter to the Principal or appropriate school administrator for investigation.

●Parents shall notify the Transportation Department in writing if they decide to discontinue bus transportation prior to the expiration of the school year so that KS may award transportation to the next applicant on the waiting list.

 We ask all parents/guardians for kōua at our pickup and drop-off points. Please do not litter or cause any hazardous or dangerous (unsafe) conditions for our buses or children by driving unsafely or arriving late to our bus stops.

 Only student riders, school personnel, Kamehameha School and Robert’s Hawaiʻ Staff, and the driver are authorized to a school bus. Any infractions or incident may result in loss of ridership.

School Bus Passenger Code of Conduct

 This Code shall apply to all passengers riding KS school buses, including KS faculty, staff, students, and authorized guests.

 KS shall communicate the requirements of the Code to KS parents/guardians, students, faculty and staff passengers through the Parent Handbook, attached to the link below.

 Parents or guardians of student passengers are responsible for instructing their children on applicable safety and behavior expectations for their children. This includes acquainting themselves with, and discussing with their children, the bus procedures and policy guidelines printed in the Student and Parent Handbooks.

 KS shall make reasonable efforts to inform non-KS passengers of requirements of the Code.

Code of Conduct

○Prior to Loading (at bus stop locations and on-campus)

■Encourage students (especially those in elementary school) to use the restroom prior to boarding the bus. The bus will not make restroom stops enroute.

■Be on-time at the designated school bus stop in order to keep the bus on schedule. Students need to be at bus stops 15 minutes prior to the bus departure/drop off in order to keep the bus on-schedule. Buses do not wait for any students not present. Buses will not return for late-arriving students.

■When school is dismissed the first round of buses leave the bus ramp anywhere between 7 to 10 minutes. Students need to quickly proceed to the bus ramp. If students miss their bus, their parents must pick them up from school. Buses will not return to the campus for students who arrive late to the bus ramp.

■All students waiting at school bus stops are expected to follow the same rules as those when attending school. Refrain from horseplay or other boisterous conduct that could pose a danger to the health and safety of the student or to others while waiting for the bus. Students who



misbehave, destroy or vandalize personal property at stops will be reported to school administrators and may lose their bus riding privileges. Parents will be responsible for any monetary damage caused by students.

■Students need to wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before boarding the bus. Students shall line up in an orderly, single-file manner and not rush to board the bus. Students should board the bus by age with youngest students loading first.

■If there are no sidewalks or paths, walk to the side of the road facing traffic to get to the bus stop.

■Use the bus handrail and watch your step when boarding and exiting the bus.

○While on the bus:

■Obey all instructions from the bus driver.

■Students are required to use and securely fasten three-point seat belts or lap belts, when available, any time the bus is in motion.

■Keep head, arms and hands inside the bus at all times. Yelling or obscene gestures will not be tolerated.

■Refrain from loud talking, laughing, or creating unnecessary confusion, which may divert the driver's attention and may result in a serious accident.

■Treat fixtures on the bus with care. KS will seek reimbursement for any vandalism or other acts of destruction that result in damage to bus seats, windows, etc.

■Refrain from tampering with the bus or its equipment.

■Keep all aisle ways clear of books, packages, coats and other objects.

■In cases of road emergencies, remain in the bus unless directed otherwise by the bus driver.

■Do not throw any objects out of the bus window.

■Remain properly seated while the bus is in motion. Remain in assigned seat unless directed to move by driver. Do not stand or sit on the bus floor.

■Refrain from fighting, or engaging in other behavior that would endanger the health and safety of self or others.

■Do not consume food or beverages on the bus - this includes gum and candy

■No student shall take or remove from another passenger personal effects of any kind.

■Students shall use appropriate language while on the bus and shall not engage in conversation or activities considered to be vulgar, abusive, or demeaning.

■Students shall wear school-acceptable attire while on the bus.



○After Leaving the Bus

■When crossing the street without the assistance of a bus driver, cross at nearby crosswalks or intersections, but not directly in front of or behind the bus. If no crosswalks or intersections are available, look both left and right to ensure that no vehicles are approaching before crossing. Always avoid crossing at curves or on hills.

■When crossing the street with the assistance of a bus driver, walk twelve (12) feet in front of the bus and check to see if the alternating red lamps on the top of the bus are flashing. If so, look at the driver and wait for him/her to give you the signal to cross. If the red lamps are not flashing, do not cross. Notify the driver if the lamps are not working and ask for assistance in crossing the street.

■Passengers shall not be permitted to leave the bus at other than designated bus stops unless proper authorization has been given in advance by school officials.

Bus Assignments

○Passengers may be assigned to ride designated buses at specified times and locations.

○Passengers may not bring guests or friends on the bus unless permission is granted by the Principal or applicable school administrator. Do not make this request to the bus driver unless it is an emergency situation.

○School administrators and bus drivers have the authority to assign seats on the bus and/or make seating assignment changes.

○KS may take corrective action against passengers who violate the Code, up to and including forfeiture of bus privileges.

Backpacks, Bags and Other Items

○Students may transport their backpacks/bags or other allowed items inside the bus as long as the following guidelines are met:

■Item can be held on the student’s lap without interfering with other students in the same seat, extending into the aisle or through a window, and extending above the student’s chin.

■Item can fit under the student’s seat without blocking or extending into the aisle. At no time may any item be transported if the item negatively affects safety or causes a disruption of the driver’s schedule.

■Cell phones should only be used in case of an emergency or to communicate with a parent/guardian.

■Kendama Toys (or similar) are considered a "safety hazard" and not allowed to be used while on the bus.

Items not allowed on the school bus:

○Glass or other fragile containers/items

○Pets or animals



○Any instruments that could cause damage the bus


○Any/all items that may be considered a weapon

○Balloons (helium or otherwise);

○Any other item which violates the respective division’s Student and Parent Handbook.

Bus Seat Belt Procedures

o The school requires that all students riding in school buses to securely fasten three-point seat belts or lap belts, when available, any time the bus is in motion.

o Students who may require assistance in using seatbelts should ask the bus driver for help so that all students are safely belted in their seat before the bus is put in motion.

o Drivers will announce prior to the bus leaving that each student needs to be in their assigned seat and seatbelts fastened.

o Students refusing to use seatbelts in a legal and safe manner will be subject to disciplinary actions.

o Repeated refusal to wear seatbelts will result in suspended riding privileges from the bus.

Reporting of Student Infractions

○Students are under the direct supervision of the bus driver while riding the bus. The driver shall be responsible for enforcing and reporting any infractions to the school administrator. If faculty or staff is riding the bus, they shall assist the driver with supervision.

○If an infraction is observed, the driver shall submit a Student Notice of Concern form to the school's Transportation Manager who will refer the matter to the Principal or appropriate school administrator for follow-up. If an emergency exists, the driver shall immediately report the infraction for action.

■The student's parents shall be notified of the incident.

■The driver shall not threaten nor order students off the bus enroute.

■The driver shall not search students nor detain students by force on the bus.

■If the school administrators are not at the loading area or bus stop, students shall be permitted to leave.

■If an emergency exists, the driver shall stop at the nearest safe location and make reasonable efforts for self-protection and protection of other passengers. In the event the driver cannot make the protective efforts, the driver shall set the brakes and gear to secure the bus, remove the ignition keys, evacuate passengers from the bus and call for police assistance. The driver shall verbally inform the school of the action taken immediately after completing the run and submit a written report as soon as possible, but not later than two school days after the incident occurs.



Notice of Use of Video and Audio Recording Devices in Buses

For the safety of the passengers and driver, buses utilized by Kamehameha Schools have video cameras installed with audio capability that allows for the recording of oral communications in the interior of the buses.

Student Ridership Tracking and GPS (Global Positioning Systems)

Buses are equipped with Zonar Systems - a student ridership tracking system and global positioning system (GPS). Students are issued a unique RFID (radio frequency identification) bus pass. When students use their bus pass to scan on/off the bus, the ZPass Card Reader located on the bus records the student’s name, time, date and location which is then transmitted to a secure database.

School Bus Procedures

1. Students and/or their parent/guardian must submit an application and acknowledge to agree to abide by the policies and procedures as set forth in the Student and Parent Handbook.

2. The Transportation Manager or designee shall establish criteria for the awarding of bus service which may consider various factors, as appropriate.

3. Students awarded bus service will be issued a bus pass and will be required to scan their bus pass when boarding and exiting the bus for daily transportation. This bus pass will be separate from the student's KS ID card and is required in order for the student to utilize bus service.

4. Replacement of lost/stolen/damaged student bus passes will be a charge of $10.00 for replacement bus passes. All replacement bus pass requests must be submitted in writing by a parent/guardian to the Transportation Department via e-mail or written notification.

5. Bus passes are non-transferable. Students allowing others to use their pass to board will be subject to disciplinary action and may be removed from the bus roster which may result in the revocation of bus privileges.

6. Space-Available or Temporary Bus Pass requests must be submitted in writing by a parent/guardian to the Transportation Department via e-mail or written notification.

○Temporary Bus Passes are commonly used when students forget their pass at home or temporarily misplace it.

○Space-Available Bus Passes are commonly used if a student needs to go to a different bus stop other than their assigned bus route. Space-Available Bus Passes are dependent upon space-availability and priority boarding number as indicated on the Space-Available Bus Pass.

■If there are no seats available, the student may need to ride the original bus route or contact the parent for alternate transportation.

■Elementary/Middle School bus riders: Please contact the Elementary/Middle School Office by 10:00 am on the given day(s) to let them know when you would like your child to ride the alternate bus route.



The office wants to ensure that your child is placed on the correct bus route.

7. Please be on-time at the designated school bus stop in order to keep the bus on schedule. Please do not litter the areas or create any hazardous or dangerous conditions for our buses and children by driving unsafely or arriving late to the bus stop. Please be considerate of surrounding businesses and their customers. Any inappropriate behavior at our commuter bus stops by Parents or students could result in revocation of bus privilege.

8. Any lost and/or found items left on the bus will be turned into the Transportation Office. After 30 days, unclaimed items will be taken to a local Thrift Shop or discarded if rejected by the Thrift Shop.

9. Any status changes, or if your child will not require bus service, please inform the Transportation Department in writing (or email) and addressed to:

Kamehameha Schools Hawaiʻ

Transportation Department

16-716 Volcano Road

Keaʻu, HI 96749 8

Transportation Bus Service Guidelines


This document has been created for all Kamehameha Schools (KS) parents, students, groups, and other bus service users as an informative point of reference that will clarify the mission, priorities, and operational procedures that serve as guidelines for the KS Transportation Department, Hawai'i Campus. It is recommended that all persons utilizing KS bus service familiarize themselves with the information presented here so that they might have a better understanding of how the Transportation Department can best service their needs.

Transportation Mission

The Mission of the Transportation Department is to help fulfill Pauahi’s Mission by providing safe, efficient, and cost effective transportation services for all of our Kamehameha students, Faculty, and Staff.

Transportation Department Priorities

Student safety is the Transportation Department’s number one priority. All department policies, procedures, and daily practices are ultimately developed and implemented with the safety of students in mind. Although there are inherent dangers associated with school bus transportation that cannot be controlled, we strive to minimize the danger to students through regular driver training, compliance with State/Federal requirements, and the expectation of safe behavior practices on the part of parents, students, and staff/groups utilizing KS bus service.

Oversee In-house and Charter Bus Requests, and meeting scheduled time commitments are the department’s second priority. These are important aspects of Transportation’s bus service and both are equally dependent on the other in helping Transportation to be successful in meeting this priority. In order to keep transportation costs as low as possible for requesting staff/groups, we try to service as many transportation requests as we can with KS and Charter buses. This commitment requires that we schedule trips with minimal travel windows in between trips and makes it imperative that buses depart from all trips at the scheduled times. Groups (educational and athletic) utilizing bus service should always be at departure points promptly as scheduled and not delay bus departures in any way. During the school day, it is important for groups to return to campus in a timely manner, to allow uninterrupted PM bus service.

Keeping the Department’s day to day operations efficient and within the operating budget is Transportations third priority and the driving force behind many of the initiatives in place geared toward the efficient use of department resources. In order for Transportation to maximize operational efficiencies and minimize any possible waste of KS resources, buses may be combined on one or more routes if actual passenger counts are less than 50% capacity of the bus and the option of consolidating routes does not impact scheduled arrival times to destinations. The Transportation Department strives to be efficient in all operations and will monitor passenger counts regularly in order to reduce operating costs whenever possible. 9

Types of Bus Service

Daily Bus Service

The primary kuleana of the Transportation Department is the transportation of students to and from Hawai'i Campus for AM and PM bus service during the regular school year.

Evening Buses

Evening bus transportation is provided (only on select bus routes) for current Middle and High School bus riders participating in after-school activities or sports. Evening buses will be provided Monday through Thursday. Bus Riders that have been issued an afternoon (PM) or round-trip (RT) bus pass may utilize this service at no additional cost. Departure and estimated drop-off times are listed on the Bus Schedule.

Field Trips and Athletics

In order to minimize costs to requesting groups and their operating budgets, KS 14-Pax Buses will be utilized to provide service for as many field trip and athletic transportation requests as possible. Priority is given to student transportation requests received from groups directly assigned to Hawai'i Campus and Outer Island Campuses. KS Extension Education programs, and other groups affiliated with KS will also be provided service as a secondary priority and according to the availability of KS buses. The Transportation Department does not have drivers assigned to the department. Groups will need to arrange for their own certified drivers.

Guidelines for Service

As mentioned above, the Transportation Department is primarily tasked with the safe transportation of students to and from Hawai'i Campus for designated AM and PM bus routes during the regular school year. Bus routes and number of buses assigned are not permanent and may be adjusted each year based upon student demographics as indicated by the annual applications received for bus service.

Bus Counts and Routes

The KSH Transportation Department contracts school buses with Robert’s Hawaiʻ for the transportation of KS students. The maximum number of (Type 1) buses that are provided by Robert’s Hawaiʻ is eleven (11), with one (1) spare bus. Based on historical data, a total of eleven (11) buses is currently sufficient to meet the demand for bus service from outlying service areas.

Bus Capacity

Bus seating capacity is set by the bus manufacturer and all KSH buses are 86-passenger (3 students to a seat) school buses. For the comfort of students, Transportation will generally assign two (2) students to a seat for bus routes on our Type I school buses which essentially reduces bus counts to 58-passengers. However, Transportation may assign three students to a seat as needed in order to maximize load counts, provide service for waitlisted students, and the consolidation of routes as needed are met. Transportation will not overload buses, transport 10

students without a seat to sit in, allow students to sit on the floor, or put three students in a seat that do not fit within the confines of the seat.

Please Note: Students are considered to be seated within the confines of the seat if their buttocks are fully on the bottom seat and the majority of their back fits against the backrest. Because tripling up of students is normally limited to KES students, we do not anticipate problems with tripling up of students in the course of a normal route service. However, in the event of bus breakdowns or manpower shortages, the combining of routes may be needed and students will be required to triple up as needed. Although we understand that this will normally not make for the most comfortable ride for the student, it will only be done as needed and we will not overload buses when combining routes. There is no safety issue with combination routes provided we do not exceed the maximum passenger capacity per bus and students are sitting within the confines of the seat.

Minimum Route Capacity

In order to justify bus service for any outlying service area, a minimum count or bus capacity percentage must be met. The minimum number of students needed to justify a bus is 41, or 70% of a 58 student bus count. The 58 count represents the normal student seat counts (2 students to a seat) for our smaller Type I school bus. Transportation will provide buses for service areas based upon this criterion but may combine routes or service areas in order to meet the minimum count for bus service.

15-mile Radius

KSH is currently not using the 15-mile Radius that is in effect at the Kapāama Campus.

Bus Arrival and Departure Times

Bus arrival times at bus stops for AM routes are generally fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Buses will depart promptly at the scheduled departure time. Any student arrivals to AM bus stops that delay the departure of buses are problematic and may result in disciplinary action for the student. Repeated or ongoing issues with delaying departures of buses will be looked at on a case by case basis and could lead to the removal of the student’s bus riding privileges. Any major delays in bus service will be communicated to parents through the automated School Messenger system.

AM bus arrival times to campus are estimated and based off of the scheduled departure times from bus stops. The desired or acceptable campus arrival timeframe is from 6:45am to 7:30am (depending on division). This timeframe allows for students to be dropped off at all grade levels on campus without the student being late to class, and also allows for early buses to cover double-run routes to campus. Transportation considers anticipated traffic conditions, bus stop departure times and estimated campus drop times for all grades when determining AM departure times for all routes. No attempts to fine tune departure or arrival times will be made if routes are consistently arriving to campus during the acceptable arrival times under normal traffic conditions. 11

Bus departure times from campus for PM routes are 2:50pm (Grades K-5), 3:00pm (Grades 6-8) and 3:07pm (Grades 9-12). All students must be at the designated bus ramp for their grade level at least 5 to 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Double-run Buses for town routes will return to campus, dependent on traffic conditions. Buses will not return to pick up students who have missed their bus as this will delay the arrival time at the bus stop for all other students on the bus. Student’s delaying departure of their assigned bus is problematic and subject to disciplinary action. Repeated or ongoing issues with delaying departures of buses will be looked at on a case by case basis and may lead to the removal of the student’s bus riding privileges.

PM arrival times at the bus stops are estimated and based upon the scheduled departure time from campus, and normal traffic conditions. Any delays to the normal drop off time by more than 30 minutes will be communicated to parents through the automated School Messenger system.

Transportation Responsibilities

The Transportation Department is primarily tasked with the safe transport and care of students to and from Hawai'i Campus. All students being transported by KS and Contracted buses fall under the responsibility of the Transportation Department. Upon the students boarding the bus and departure from the pickup location is the point at which the Transportation Department assumes responsibility for student safety. Transportation does not assume responsibility for students before physical boarding and departure from designated pickup locations or after students have been dropped off at designated locations.

Students being dropped off at AM bus stops should remain under the supervision of the parent or designated adult until safely on the school bus and departing from the bus stop. Parents or designated adult should be at the bus stop at least 15 (fifteen) minutes prior to the estimated departure/drop-off time for their assigned bus stop. Bus drivers are mindful of all students and will be watchful for PM student pickups. ES students have a one-to-one release system and if the parent/designated adult is not present outside the door at the time of pickup the bus driver will take the student back to campus. For all other buses, bus driver’s will notify Transportation if parent or designated adult is not present and may keep an Elementary Child on bus for their safety and continue their run. Under this circumstance, parent/designated adult will be required to meet bus at the next bus stop.

The Transportation Department is responsible for notifying all bus stakeholders such as; parents, students, and staff of changes, issues, and concerns that impact bus service. Notification may be done by letter, Transportation Website or automated notification system. The Transportation Department is also responsible for the processing of annual bus application for bus service.

Bus Shortages and Breakdowns

Robert’s Hawaiʻ will make every effort to cover its commitments and provide buses for routes as scheduled. However, there may be times in which we have bus breakdowns, manpower 12

shortages, or other issues that prevent them from providing bus service at the scheduled time. In the event a bus does not show for a pickup or drop off, all parents should note the following:

AM routes:

●Robert’s will be dispatch another bus to pick up students; students will not be left without a ride to school.

●A communication will be sent to all parents for significant delays.

●Only in the event of school cancellation will students not be picked up. In which case a communication will be sent notifying all parents of the cancellation of school as early as possible.

PM routes:

●If necessary, Robert’s will dispatch another bus to transport student’s off-campus.

●A communication will be sent to all parents for significant delays.

●Only in the event of a major road closure or natural disaster will students not be transported home and dropped off at designated drop points. In which case a communication will be sent notifying all impacted parents of the situation and plans to transfer students to their parents/families care.

Safety and Expectations

The community sites used for AM and PM bus stops are all situated in public locations and all parents/students utilizing our bus service must be aware of the impact our presence has on the community/area. It is imperative that we are all pono in our actions and treat each other and the bus stop area with aloha when at our bus stops. The expectation of all parents and students is:

●To be courteous while waiting at all bus stops;

●To follow all rules and instructions given by KS bus drivers;

●To be safe;

●To represent Kamehameha Schools in a positive manner by not causing any negative impacts that may jeopardize the safety and security of students, parents, bus drivers, the public, or KS use of bus stops.

Online Bus Application Process

Each year during month of April, the Transportation Department will accept online applications for bus service for the following school year. Students/families seeking bus service must complete the online application process within the open application period. Available bus routes are listed on the Transportation website. Each year Transportation receives more requests than can be accommodated and can only provide service within the constraints (budget and equipment) of the Transportation Department. The awarding process is limited to seat availability. Specific routes and grade level assignments are not guaranteed and all routes will be determined according to applications received by the application deadlines. If awarded bus service, the student’s route assignment and specific bus stop location will be provided with the acceptance letter. Families failing to submit their bus service to Transportation before the deadline will be waitlisted and only considered for bus service after all applications for bus service received before the application deadline have been awarded bus service. 13

The Transportation Department is not responsible for identifying application errors and contacting parents to make corrections. If selected for bus service the student will be assigned to the bus route(s) which were selected on the bus application. Changes to route assignments can be requested, however the student may be placed on a waiting list as bus routes are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Although the student is placed on the waiting list there is no guarantee that space will become available.

Financial Aid

If a student receives the Financial Aid Award letter, they may also receive a Bus Award (full or partial). Please note that the Financial Aid Application process is separate from the Bus Transportation Application process. Kamehameha Schools has set aside monies for families should they decide to apply for bus service. Regardless if you have received a full/partial Bus Award you will need to complete the online Bus Transportation Application if you wish to utilize the bus service.

Expectations of Bus Users

The expectations of all students and parents utilizing KS bus service are to observe all rules, be safety minded, meet the time commitments for bus service, respect KS property/resources, and to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the values of Kamehameha Schools. All passengers are expected to abide by the Passenger Code of Conduct, as set forth in the Student and Parent Handbook. Any incident that involves a violation of the Code will be reported by Transportation to the unit offices, and may result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to forfeiture of bus riding privileges, or release from KS. Transportation is committed to providing safe and efficient bus service for our haumana and KS ‘Ohana and it is expected that all of our bus users be likewise committed to contributing to a positive experience for students and their safe transportation.

Closing Statement

The above listed information is intended as a source of reference and should not be considered an all-inclusive depiction of the Transportation Department’s Policies and Procedures. It is our hope that all bus users will read, understand and utilize the information provided to improve upon their bus service experience. The Transportation Department will continue striving to provide safe and efficient bus service while working toward improving efficiencies and the responsible use of KS resources. Mahalo nui for taking the time to read and understand the Transportation Bus Service Guidelines. Should you have any questions or require any clarifications, please contact the Transportation Department at (808) 982-0026 or 982-0701.

I have reviewed and agree to the Parent Handbook Parent Handbook Download

I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the transportation bus service guidelines above.

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