How To Plant Ipu Seeds


  1. Plant in soft moist soil about an inch. Be sure that the point is facing down.    
  2. Water once daily, but do not over water.
  3. While growing, the ipu needs to be protected two ways:
    1. In the 3-4 months it takes to grow, the fruit (hua) needs to be protected from fruit flies. The best method is to wrap it in newspaper or a paper bag.
    2. There is a bug that eats the vine of the ipu. To get rid of the bug, the ground needs to be treated with Diazanon. The treatment is used for bugs that eat squash.
  4. The ipu grows well upon the ground, on a lattice, on the fence, on a wall, in a green house; almost anywhere that provides enough space. It is a squash and it is a particular variety, which is used for ‘umeke, water gourds, and whistles.
  5. To grow large ipu, cut the vine about 2 feet beyond the fruit. This is so that the food will go towards the fruit rather than the rest of the vine.

NOTE: The ipu will grow within 3-4 months. It takes about 8-9 months for the ipu to dry. The ipu could be cut and dried in a garage, out in the sun, or in a place where the bugs cannot get to it. Do not lay it flat or it will change its shape.

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