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What is the Explorations Series?

Explorations Series:  Matriculation

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What is the Explorations Series?

Ma ka hana ka ‘ike, “In doing, there is knowledge”

In the summer of 1968, one Kamehameha Schools teacher engaged a small group of students to ho‘omāka‘ika‘i, “to be taken on a visit.” This was the inception of what became the Explorations program. Throughout the years, other programs such as Computer Camp and Kūlia I Ka Pono were created, engaging keiki who did not attend Kamehameha Schools. In 2007, four new programs were launched on Hawai‘i, Moloka‘i and Kaua‘i. These were called Ho‘olauna, “to introduce, to be friendly.” The sheer number of students attending illustrated the need for more, and by 2009, the Explorations Series had begun.

Building upon the well-established “Explorations” name, the Series now encompasses three different one-week long summer boarding programs: Ho‘omāka‘ika‘i, Ho‘olauna and Kūlia I Ka Pono. Each is targeted at specific grade levels, with the experiences in each building upon the ‘ike (knowledge) gained in the program before it. For this reason, students are encouraged to participate in the series beginning with Ho‘omāka‘ika‘i, however they may enter at any level.

For more information, please call (808) 534-8272 or email us at hcbe@ksbe.edu.


Explorations Series:  Matriculation

He pūko‘a kani ‘āina, “A coral reef that grows into an island”

With the creation of the Explorations Series, we are now able to see keiki through four years of programs. To support that effort, the Hawaiian Culture Based Education Department has created a Matriculation “pipeline.” 

What this means is that students who enroll in any of our summer programs (Ho‘omāka‘ika‘i, Ho‘olauna, and Kūlia I Ka Pono) will be automatically invited to attend all of the current year's programs (Ipukukui Hā‘ulelau & Kupulau) as well as our programs in the following summer.  Parents of returning students also benefit from a shortened application process.  Additionally, our department can now track what programs students attend throughout their four years with us.  

Please note that students must attend a summer program every year in order to be invited to the following year.  Students who skip a summer must reapply in order to attend a program in the following summer. 


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