Circumstances Requiring Additional Documents


Only information for birth parents and grandparents should be included on the HAR form—DO NOT list adopted or hānai family members. The Data Center requires that Hawaiian ancestry be derived via biological relations only. Therefore when a person in the Hawaiian line is adopted, we require documents to confirm that his or her Hawaiian ancestry was derived from biological parents rather than adoptive or hānai parents. In addition to adoptions by unrelated parties, the document requirements listed below also apply to adoptions by a step-parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, and any other family member.

Documents required to confirm the ancestry of an adopted person

Any ONE of the following may be submitted for consideration to satisfy the Data Center’s document requirement, along with the adopted person’s current birth certificate. An original document or the certified copy must be submitted—photocopies are not accepted for verification. See page Where to Get Your Documents for details on obtaining the following documents.

State specific laws regarding access to adoption records can be found at 

Paternity issues

The Data Center verification process involves tracing Hawaiian ancestry via a series of parent child relationships through birth certificates. If an amendment is made on the original birth certificate to either add or change the name of the father, the Data Center requires documents to confirm the amendment. This requirement applies even if the father is not the ancestor through whom Hawaiian ancestry is being traced.

Documents required to resolve paternity issues

The required documents depend on the situation surrounding the amendment. The following documents may be submitted for consideration to satisfy the Data Center’s verification requirement.

Please submit BOTH of the following:

If the Chain of Custody documents were not transmitted to you with your test results, please request them from the applicable laboratory. Most laboratories require a written request, and all parties tested may need to approve your request. Please contact the DNA testing laboratory for specific requirements. Whenever possible, we suggest that you request the Chain of Custody documents when arranging for the test.

* The Chain of Custody documents initially record the identities of the persons submitting specimens for DNA testing. The documents accompany the specimens and are certified along the way to ensure proper identification of the specimens when tested. The Chain of Custody documents will generally include a picture of the parties tested along with each person’s date of birth. Other forms of identification may be substituted depending on the laboratory.