Lorna-Leigh Kaneshiro Takes First in Science & Engineering Fair!

Lorna-Leigh Kaneshiro, a senior at Castle High School and a Kamehameha Scholar, recently took home first place honors in her district at the Science & Engineering Fair.

Her experiment look at the drug metabolizing enzyme NQo1 in the geriatric liver; this enzyme is responsible for metabolizing anti-cancer drugs.  Problems with the amount of this enzyme are associated with high susceptibility to cancer and to Alzheimers.

As the first place winner in her district, Lorna-Leigh will move on to compete in the state-wide competition on April 7-9, 2013.  Her first place win at the district level also gives her an automatic berth in the upcoming International competition slated for May where she'll be competing with 1500 students from over 70 countries for top honors.

Lorna-Leigh, Kamehameha Scholars couldn't be MORE proud of you!  Good luck in May!


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