Grade 11: College & Career Merit Scholarship Assignments

College & Career Merit Scholarship Assignments

Below are the assignments for the College & Career Workshops (and the due dates for each):

College Admissions (Due: January 30, 2012)

Admissions requirements can vary greatly between schools.  To know if you are a likely candidate for admission to a particular school, you'll need to understand their admissions requirements to determine if you have what they are looking for.  For this assignment, your task is to look at the admissions requirements of two colleges using resources available to you on the College Board website, then complete a workshop detailing each school's admissions requirements.

* You can complete this form online, save it as an electronic file, and upload it directly to your Bridges account.

Effective Communication 102/College Choices (Due: January 30, 2012)

With over 3,000 schools of higher education in the U.S. alone, there is more than one school out there that is the right choice for YOU.  For this assignment, you'll be looking at the criteria you should be considering when selecting possible colleges to apply to including:

  • Academic:  Does this college offer the academic program I am looking for?
  • Financial:  Is the cost of attending this college within the reach of you and your family?  Is financial aid available from this school and do I qualify?
  • Social:  What is the school like?  Is it large or small?  In a city or rural? 
  • Personal:  What is my learning style?  Does this school have large lecture courses, or smaller classes?

Using this criteria, you'll need to decide on three possible schools you would like to attend, one being a REACH school, one being a  TARGET school, and one being a SAFETY school.

  • Reach School:  A reach school is a college that you have a chance of getting into, but your test scores, class rank, and/or high school grades are a bit on the low side when you look at the school's profile.  The top U.S. colleges and top universities should always be considered reach schools,  because their admissions standards are so high that not even perfect SAT scores guarantee acceptance.
  • Target School: A target school is a college or university that you are pretty likely to get into because your test scores, class rank, and/or high school grades fall right into the middle range when you look at the school's profile. 
  • Safety School:  A safety school is a college or university that you will almost certainly get into because your test scores, class rank, and/or high school grades are well above average when you look at the school's profile.  A community college generally qualifies as a safety school since the only requirement for admission is usually a high school diploma. 

Complete the worksheets below, then complete your journal entry.

Ka'imi Kula Nui (Due: April 30, 2012)

Speaking with an admissions officer at a college you are interested in attending is an excellent way to find out detailed information about the school as well as the admissions process.  For this assignment, you'll be interviewing a college professional.  This is a two-part assignment:  the first part involves determining which questions you'll be asking the college professional; the second part involves interviewing that person and submitting a written transcript of that interview.

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