What do teens spend their money on?

This is something some of you may already know. According to research from Experian Simmons, teens still spend their money on basically the same things teens did 20 years ago:  music, clothes, video games, and electronics. Girls you like to spend your money on clothes, jewelry, accessories, and make up. Notice the guys are not too far behind with buying clothes. Guys you tend to spend your money on video games and electronics. I don't think anyone is suprised about this finding. Both guys and girls are about equal on music, movies, and eating out. Another interesting fact from the Simmons study is that 80% of teens believe college is important.



For more information check out http://www.marketingcharts.com/interactive/teen-tech-use-shapes-consumer-behavior-7638/experian-simmons-teens-spend-money-on-fall-2008jpg/


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Hey Aunty Lovina,

Just for the record, it doesn't change much when we're adults, does it?  I mean, after I'm pau paying for all the stuff I HAVE to pay for (mortgage, car, food, insurance, tuition, kid-stuff), any extra money I have I like to spend on clothes, accessories, make-up, and iTunes!

Fun stuff!  Thanks!

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Even when we grow up we still like and do the same stuff.

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